Ministries & Missions

Ministries and Missions


Haddam Food Bank – (local) food, Holiday Baskets, hats & mittens

Haddam Fuel Bank (local)

C.R.O.P. Walk for Hunger

Health Kits

School Kits

Red Bird (labels

Amazing Grace Food Pantry (local)

Coffee Joe

Cards for VETS & Seniors – (local) Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas

Sunday School’s Christmas gifts (i.e. adopt a family, Solnit Children’s Center, Shoebox, etc.)

Coffee House/Open Mic

Vacation Bible School


As part of one of the 41,000 congregations of the United Methodist Church, founded by John Wesley, we give emphasis to certain Christian truths:

1). Everyone can know of God’s love thru Christ and be changed.

2). This grace fills us with an assurance that we are God’s beloved children, and gives us courage to live our lives with strength, integrity, love and compassion.

3). God wants us, both as individuals and as communities, to be better than we are. So we are active in applying God’s truth to our own lives, and to the larger communities of which we are a part of.

4). While we are bound together by these truths, we celebrate a wide diversity in opinions about many matters. John Wesley said that Methodists are not defined by their opinions, but by “How much they love God and shed God’s love abound in the world.”


The Higganum United Methodist Church (HUMC) is involved in involved in many missions both in our community and world wide. To help use remember the needs and the ONE who fills it, here is a listing of our current mission work:

Food Bank & Pasta Sauce Collection

We continue to support both Amazing Grace and the Haddam Food Bank. Any non-perishable food items are accepted, but the most helpful items are spaghetti sauce, tuna fish, and peanut butter.

We participate in the Families Feeding Families program with a commitment of 20 jars of spaghetti sauce each month. Your support is critical. Amazing Grace now serves well over 800-900 families every month and the need continues to grow.

Items can be left in the basket at the rear of the sanctuary during worship. 

Red Bird Mission Label Collection

We have been collecting Campbell Soup labels for the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky. Last spring we went over 1500 labels. Red Bird is part of the United Methodist Global Ministries and offers assistance with housing, education, health care, job training and a retail outlet for craftsmen, just to name a few. Not only are Campbell Soup labels accepted, but so are any products that Campbell’s makes, General Mills Boxtops for Education and S & H green stamps. Any contribution you make is very welcome.

Habitat for Humanity

We have also helped the local division of Habitat for Humanity by working on several homes.

School and Health kits

We will be collecting items for Health Kits and School kits beginning in September through April. Please place items in the box located in the church.

A Health kit consists of: Hand towel, facecloth, wide-tooth comb, nail clipper, bar of soap, toothbrush, and Band-aids.

A School Kits consists of: Blunt scissors, 81/2 x 11 pads, centimeter ruler, pencil sharpener, pencils, eraser, and a box of 24 crayons.

Christmas Missions

COOL Sunday School!

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